Bask Blades and Flashlights

What’s the difference between the Bask Blade and an LED flashlight? This is a question I am getting asked more and more by potential customers.

While I suppose I could reel off a load of statistics showing for example how the Bask Blade delivers better performance in terms of lumens, I prefer to tell them that while some of their potential uses are the same the two devices represent very different product categories and ways of thinking.

In many ways an LED flashlight is simply a replacement to more traditional products. Yes, it may have longer battery life, but it still behaves like a traditional torch so you can still only generally point it in one direction and light up only a limited area.

The Bask Blade, on the other hand, not only illuminates a much larger and wider area as a result of its form factor, but is also more like the lighting equivalent of a Swiss Army life in that it opens up a myriad of new uses and applications that are simply not possible using a conventional flashlight.

Try illuminating a room during a power cut with a flashlight. Yes, you may have some light, but it will be barely enough for one person let alone a whole family. With the Bask Blade all you have to do is hang it up somewhere and everyone can share it.

Or why not try lighting up some of the darker parts of your garden with your flashlight when you are holding a barbecue or outdoor party? With the Bask Blade all you have to do is hang it from a tree or bush and, hey presto, the area is illuminated.

These are just a couple of quite simple examples off the top of my head of how the Bask Blade can open up new uses and bring light to new places, and as more and more people use the device I am sure that they will be able to come up with even more interesting applications.


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